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Evaporative Cooling- What It Is and Why Your Home Needs It copy

When it’s scorching hot and dry outside, evaporative coolers are often preferred over the more conventional refrigerant-based AC systems. Contractors, especially those who work in climates well-suited to evaporative coolers should familiarize themselves with this equipment even though they don’t see it as often as they do with traditional split systems and HVAC units.

What exactly is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling is also called adiabatic cooling. It lets the water evaporate into the air to cool it to a comfortable temperature. It is a way to cool and ventilate that uses water as its refrigerant.

Evaporative cooling has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used this method to cool their homes by soaking the fabric in water and hanging it across the doorway. As the air moves through the material, it absorbs moisture and creates a cool breeze in the room.

Why is evaporative cooling so necessary?

Evaporative cooling uses an indirect/direct system. Evaporative cooling is a sustainable and energy-efficient way to cool production facilities, distribution centers, and office buildings. In addition, it creates a comfortable, productive environment.

In an indirect/direct cooling system. Evaporative cooling uses about 10% of the energy that mechanical cooling does. It keeps temperatures about the same as traditional mechanical cooling systems. Unlike mechanical cooling, evaporative cooling doesn’t recirculate warm, dirty indoor air. Instead, it lets 100% fresh, filtered, clean, and cooled air into a room or building. As a result, indoor air quality is improved.

What is the process of evaporative cooling?

The air is cooled by evaporation, which is a natural process. The system doesn’t need compressors or refrigerants. It doesn’t just move the air around like a fan. The evaporative cooler pulls in warm, stale air with water, a fan, and a pump. It then sends it over water-soaked cooling pads and cools the air by up to 25 degrees. This effective method costs much less than running a traditional air conditioner. You can save a lot of money and get great comfort.

How do coolers that use evaporation work?

Evaporative coolers take advantage of this process to cool a room. A direct evaporative cooler is most often used in homes. In this system, water from a reservoir is pumped through a cooling pad. Then, a fan pulls air from outside through the cooling pad, which starts the process of evaporation. The cool, moist air is then sent through the house.

Most direct residential evaporative coolers are one of three types:

Portable coolers: These are made to cool down a small room. They don’t need to be installed by a professional or have ductwork. Some have wheels that make it easy to move them from one room to another.

Side Draft: These systems are set up so that air blows right into your home from the side of the unit. They can put this evaporative cooler through the wall or a window. These may need to be installed by a professional, but they don’t require ductwork. They will only be able to cool one room well, but they will be able to cool a bigger space or area than a portable cooler.

Down Draft: These units are put on the roof of a house. It can cool the whole home through a system of ducts. These cost the most to install and require more maintenance. Evaporative cooling is an important technology to understand. Why? As global temperatures rise, concerns about sustainability arise. The need for this type of efficient cooling will increase. Now you learned the basics behind how it works—and what options are available.

We know the right way to install, maintain, winterize, and fix evaporative coolers of all makes and models. These modern systems don’t need much maintenance and are very reliable. You can always count on Coyote HVAC for affordable and friendly help whenever you need it. We service Englewood, Littleton, Centennial, and Highlands Ranch. Our team can provide emergency services in these areas after business hours.

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