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Mini-splits require monthly cleaning to function correctly. While ductless mini-splits are relatively easy to maintain, it is still recommended to have a professional inspect them every so often.

Constant circulation of pollen, animal dander, dust, and dust mites through it and its air filters necessitates regular maintenance. Mold can grow and accumulate if you don’t clean the HVAC system’s components, which can aggravate respiratory problems.

Vacuum ductless filters regularly.

Every ductless mini-split indoor unit has one or more air filters on the front panel that must be checked and cleaned every two weeks. Cleaning ductless filters are vital for clean, fresh airflow. When you see dust on your filter, clean it. Here are the steps to cleaning filters.

  • Switch off the thermostat (remote controller).
  • Turn the indoor unit’s front panel until the door catches and stays up. Then remove the air filters. (Tip: Keep a garbage bag handy to avoid dust spills.)
  • Vacuum filters on a low setting with a soft brush attachment to reduce damage.
  • As the filters are out, inspect the finned coil. The coil’s dust can be seen with a flashlight. Try the wash tip below if any dust remains.
  • Put the filters back in the front panel, then close and snap the front cover. Then, turn the thermostat on (remote controller).

Try dating your filters before installing them.

Ductless filters don’t last forever. Many ductless mini-split owners need to consider system upkeep and filter expiration dates. Depending on your system’s maintenance schedule, ductless filters last three months to three years. Consult your manufacturer’s guidelines or contact us for ductless filter lifespan information.

Before replacing filters, date them. It will help you remember when you put them in the unit and when they need cleaning or replacement. Some write the date they need to replace the filters, not when they did. It’s your part!

Photograph your unit’s make and model

A photo of your unit’s make and model may help. The image will be ready if you need to reference it for an HVAC specialist or our staff quickly.

Your make and model are on the indoor unit’s manufacturer’s label. We recommend using your unit’s information rather than the manual. Your manual may cover multiple sizes, leading you to buy the wrong filters.

Clean the condenser monthly,

Unplug and shut down the system monthly. Spray the housing grate fins with a garden hose or a damp rag. Remove the cover to expose the pump and coils, then vacuum or blow off the dust. Wash the fan coils with a hose and turn it on. If the fan wobbles, get it fixed.

If you plug in a wet unit, you risk electrocution and damage.

Buy bulk filters to know when to replace them.

Air conditioner maintenance is easy to overlook. Having bulk air filters available reduces the risk of missing the expiration date. Buying filters in size is cheaper than individually. Buy suitable filters. HEPA Filter Sales sells annual packs for your model, so you’re prepared all year. We’re also here to answer your filter questions.

Final Thoughts:

These tips help you fix your Ductless HVAC. If you doubt your skills to fix it, always remember that COYOTE HVAC is happy to help.

Coyote HVAC has high standards for quality. We guarantee best practices from ductless heat pumps, air conditioners, and unit heaters to design, installation, and service. Fully licensed, insured, EPA- and NATE-certified technicians maximize efficiency, comfort, air quality, and system reliability and longevity.

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